"The quick fox works in the flooded city."
Acrylic, mixed media collage on board
16" x 16"

"The brown fox jumping. Still life with a kiwi."
Clay surface photographs, digital print,
collage on paper

13" x 10"

"The Poetry of Nonsense in Collage"
                              series of virtual nonsense.

The phrase "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is a pangram which means that it contains all letters of the alphabet. It is used as a sample text in computer font selection contexts. The fox keeps jumping from letter to letter in different shapes, colors and curves over the same dog that is changing appropriately as it lazily lays there. They lead quite a life inside the computer wires surrounded by zeros and ones. But, luckily the fox gets to experience international culture.

Every language of the world has a phrase like that. They sound just like Dada poetry or the poetry of nonsense of Edward Leer and Lois Carroll.
These multilingual pangrams are collages of words that build up beautiful phrases. I build my collages of poetic nonsense from various materials and found objects: I weave pangram phrases in different languages into each work to create a story with hidden meanings, or no meaning at all.